March 8, 2024 | Hamburg


To make female power visible - Christine Lipski


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Daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

On March 8th, a special photo and film project will have its exhibition opening in the Qvartr Gallery: 30 inspiring women in leadership positions, portrayed and interviewed by the Hamburg photographer & artist Christine Lipski, accompanied on film by the videographer Laura Müller and an artistic team Insights into the world of female managers. Through their example, they encourage visitors to exploit their own potential even in the face of resistance.

“I firmly believe ... that we have to support young women ... that they can be who they are and bring that into the system. Women should change the systems and not the systems change the women.” 

Katja Kraus, Hamburg, June 2023 - Managing partner of the sports marketing agency Jung von Matt Sports, interview WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP

“It is a challenge if you are a mother or want to become a mother. Many companies do not want to hire women of a certain age or women with children. At least in Germany, it is often socially expected that you take a break once you have become a mother. Taking on a leadership role afterwards is also not easy because of the pigeonhole thinking.” Ipek Molvali, Hamburg, April 2023 - Managing Director, MUTABOR Packaging GmbH, Interview WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP

The artistic peculiarity of the exhibition WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP is the multimedia combination of photographic portraits with audio and video installations. To accompany the exhibition, a photo book with images and verbal contributions was created, designed by the Hamburg design duo Studio Nonsens. With her project, Christine Lipski would like to encourage new, courageous thought structures.

“As long as there is a lack of equality in society, it is important to me to highlight women,” says the photographer and still feels close to Claudia Dietze’s words: “For me, the most important thing is that we see ourselves first and foremost as human beings and not as a woman or a man or what kind of gender. We are human first. And people come together and want to achieve something together." Claudia Dietze, Lisbon, December 2023 - Founder & CEO at freiheit.com technologies GmbH; Interview WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP

During the opening there will be a call for donations for the Houses of Hope project, Jigiya Bon - School Education for Mali eV, which is committed to educating girls and women https://www.haeuser-der-hoffnung.org/de/.

Information about the photographer:

Christine Lipski Christine Lipski works as a photographer and artist. Her focus is on portrait and fashion photography. Her goal is to portray people and their life stories and to combine them with her own sense of aesthetics. The topic of gender equality is personally important to her and is the subject of the portrait and film project WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP. Christine Lipski has photographically portrayed artists and celebrities such as Lena Meyer-Landrut, Emily Beecham, Luise Befort, Kai Pflaume and Mady Morrison. She has worked for ZEIT Magazine, Women's Health, iD Germany, among others, and for brands such as About You, Drykorn, Deichmann, Schwarzkopf Professional, among others. Christine Lipski lives in Hamburg and works internationally.

Contact for questions:

+49 176 82341434

@women_bychristinelipski / @christine_lipski


Bornkampsweg 31, 22761 Hamburg-Altona

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